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Corporate Donors
A Collaborative Relationship with American Express
Stacy Lalin Poritzky '95, MBA '00
Stacy Lalin Poritzky '95, MBA '00
"We have a longstanding relationship with the Johnson School that continues to grow stronger," says Stacy Lalin Poritzky '95, MBA '00, director of the project resource team for OPEN, a suite of American Express small business services. "We focus on finding ways to add value to students' learning experiences at the Johnson School and at the same time ensure that they gain a good understanding of what American Express has to offer as an employer."

During the past year, AmEx executives presented case studies and led discussions in the spring-semester Strategic Marketing and Managerial Finance immersions. They also shared their expertise as participants on several panels and conducted workshops on interviewing skills. Many coached students individually.

AmEx has a consistently active recruiting relationship with the Johnson School. "Because there's a talented group of students across a variety of disciplines, we can recruit for several functions within a single school," says Bonnie Leff, vice president of the project resource team for American Express Consumer Card Services Group. The company has hired Johnson School MBAs for positions in marketing, risk management, finance, consulting, and other areas.

"We find that Johnson School graduates have both solid foundational skills and strengths in leadership and teamwork," adds Poritzky. In her ten years as a leader of people and a marketing executive at AmEx, she has drawn on the knowledge she gained at the Johnson School, particularly from the leadership curriculum and opportunities to apply its concepts as a Park Fellow.

Within American Express, Cornell alumni have an active network. The group provides a vehicle for networking and career enhancement. This year, members are expanding their mentoring activities with individual students.