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Teaching Awards
Core Faculty Teaching Award
Vishal Gaur
Vishal Gaur, associate professor of operations management, was honored as recipient of the 2008 Core Faculty Teaching Award. Gaur's research interests lie in retail operations and supply chain management, including inventory management, product variety, distribution logistics, financial performance of firms, and linking operational performance to financial performance. One of his ongoing projects uses aggregate firm-level data for retailing and manufacturing firms to address questions related to benchmarking inventory turnover, measuring perfor-mance improvements, and forecasting future sales. A paper he co-authored, "Hedging Inventory Risk Through Market Instruments," received the 2008 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Best Paper Award.

The Core Faculty Award honors teaching excellence for the professor who best fosters learning through lecture, discussion, and course work. The award was established in 2008 by MBA students who wanted to recognize the contributions of faculty teaching in the core MBA curriculum. Students elect the winning faculty member at the close of the fall semester and present the award when they return to school in January.