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Jerry Hass
Jerry Hass

"You say goodbye, I say hello, hello, hello," Jerry Hass said, quoting the Beatles at the June celebration of his transition to professor emeritus. "It's a strange kind of retirement, because I'm not going anywhere!" Indeed, Hass, James B. Rubin Professor of Finance and Krause Faculty Fellow in Real Estate, will remain in Johnson School classrooms, where he's been for the past 42 years. Five years ago, he began a phased retirement, teaching about three-quarters of his normal load. "That's enabled me to take two months off every year and not feel guilty about it."

Not that those are idle months! Hass actively consults, serves on boards, tends to his farm, participates in a family business, enjoys his five children and ten grandchildren, and travels with his wife, Jo.

Calling him a "scholar, architect, visionary...one who sees opportunity and fulfills it," Professor Tom Dyckman says that "Hass has taught more courses and more students than anyone in the history of the Johnson School."

He has seized every opportunity both to expand and to share his knowledge. "My first sabbatic leave at the Federal Power Commission had a major effect on my life by introducing me and getting me engrossed in energy regulation," says Hass. His second, at National Economic Research Associates—with which he is still affiliated—also added depth to his expertise, even as he shared it through many consulting assignments. He fulfilled other teaching and consulting roles in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Turkey, Australia, and China.

It is in Ithaca, though, that Hass finds the greatest rewards of his career. "I've benefited from an extraordinary group of wonderful colleagues," he says. "I've worked with Hal Bierman, Tom Dyckman, Joe Thomas, Alan McAdams, and Sy Smidt for more than four decades." He credits them, along with other colleagues and his family, with the kind of support that has yielded "my good life here."