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Corporate Donors
Intel Inside the Parker Center
Anand Chandrasekher '86, MEng '87, MBA '88
Anand Chandrasekher '86, MEng '87, MBA '88
When the Parker Center was established in 1998, Intel was a founding sponsor. This year, a generous Intel grant allowed the center to upgrade its computers and monitors with state-of-the-art hardware and to effectively double the number of student workstations from 16 to 32.

In both 2009 and 1998, Anand Chandrasekher '86, MEng '87, MBA '88, Intel senior vice president and general manager, Ultra Mobility Group, and Justin Rattner '70, MEng '71, Intel vice president, chief technology officer, and Intel senior fellow, were instrumental in securing the grant. "The Parker Center is ambitious and unique," says Chandrasekher. "What they've been able to accomplish is stunning. It made sense then—as it does now—for us to support this endeavor." The Intel Core 2 Duo Processors inside the Dell OptiPlex computers are one of Intel's leading microprocessor products—a perfect fit for the demanding computational tasks and high-speed transactions required in the trading room environment.

Cornell is one of Intel's 12 "focus schools," explains Rattner, the company's Cornell sponsor. "I argued strongly to make Cornell a focus school when we developed that approach."

Chandrasekher believes the small size and intense, team-based environment of the Johnson School had a positive impact on his own career, and he's convinced these are still critical elements in preparing students to succeed in the workplace, he says.

Clearly, the Johnson School benefits from having Intel inside—contributing state-of-the-art technology, recruiting students, and exchanging ideas.