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Park Leadership Fellows: Zeal, Teamwork, Success
Leadership and a Wider Worldview through a Park Fellowship
Christian Duncan, MBA '10

Within the past several months, Christian Duncan, MBA '10, completed an Accenture Development Partnerships internship in Nairobi and proposed to his fiancée in Barcelona. Next year, he will travel to Paris for his spring semester at L'École Supérieure de Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. He believes the Johnson School is instrumental in expanding his world.

"My Johnson School experience really opened my eyes to international experiences," he says. Earlier in his life, his travel was limited to the West Coast. But having a Korean member of his core team, participating in the Diwali Festival with Indian classmates, and interacting regularly with people from around the world increased his interest and confidence in exploration.

His expanding global perspective and his experience in the Park Leadership Fellows Program have had a real impact on Duncan. "The leadership curriculum is very valuable, and having a chance to apply the concepts in teams and leadership roles is great," he says. One of these is his Park project. He's working with the Southside Community Center in Ithaca on its Congo Square Market, a lively alternative to the city's Farmers' Market and one that will serve low-income and ethnic communities.

Duncan's internship with Accenture also allowed him to put his new skills to work. His team worked with NetHope, a nonprofit IT consortium of leading international non-governmental organizations. "East Africa is one of the last areas in the world to be connected by fiber-optic cable. Fiber will expand connectivity and reduce costs for the NGOs and ultimately for the private sector," he says. His team worked on developing a shared services IT help desk that will enable all the members to track and solve problems faster and more efficiently.

Duncan is keeping his career options open but is focused on two things: success and helping others. "Giving back is an important part of my life," he says. Cornell is high on his list.