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Alumni Recognition Awards
Samuel C. Johnson Distinguished Service Award Recipients
Bob W. Staley '58, MBA '59
Bob W. Staley '58, MBA '59, retired vice chairman of Emerson Electric Company and chairman of Emerson Electric Asia Pacific, also received the Samuel C. Johnson Distinguished Service Award in 2008. Staley has supported the Johnson School by serving on the Advisory Council, through generous gifts, by hiring Johnson School graduates, and as a guest speaker on the Cornell campus and in the school's partnership program at Nanjing University Business School—a program he helped to establish, and where, with Albert E. Suter '58, MBA '59, a fellow senior executive at Emerson, he established the Suter/Staley Director of Global Business Education.

Tom Mulligan '73, MBA '77
Tom Mulligan '73, MBA '77, one of two 2008 recipients of the Samuel C. Johnson Distinguished Service Award, is managing director at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and an active member of the Johnson Club of New York since the 1980s. He has represented the Johnson School as a member of several Cornell alumni groups, and served on the Johnson School Advisory Council since 2005.