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Dino Trevisani, MBA '09
Dino Trevisani
Dino Trevisani

Dino Trevisani, MBA '09 already had a successful career when he joined the Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA program. Then working in Toronto, but knowing a move to Manhattan was in his future, Trevisani says, "It was like the program was made for me!" Earning degrees from prestigious schools in both Canada and the U.S.A. was a plus. But what really excited him was the virtual delivery system for an outstanding education. "I believe in this model; it's perfectly aligned with my own personal philosophy and the technology industry I'm in."

Not only did the virtual approach suit Trevisani, but concepts he learned from Roni Michaely, Vrinda Kadiyali, and others enabled him to develop a new model that has revolutionized the way IBM is working with its biggest customers. "Because of this model, we are delivering exceptional value to our clients," he says.

Since his MBA program helped put Trevisani on a new plane at IBM's financial services sector (he's now a managing director), he was eager to give back. He and his wife thought carefully about where they wanted to make a major ongoing financial commitment, and chose Johnson.

"I want our gift to help an American student who doesn't have the financial wherewithal to participate in this school—to help someone who is intelligent and capable but doesn't have the access. If I can help someone get the education to help create a smarter planet, then we all live a better life."