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Teaching Awards
Executive MBA Globe Award for Teaching Excellence
Sanjay Sood
Sanjay Sood

Sanjay Sood was honored as this year's recipient of the Executive MBA (EMBA) Globe Award for teaching excellence. Sood is an associate professor of marketing at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA. He specializes in marketing management, brand management, advertising, and consumer behavior. Some of his most recent topics of study include the effects of branding strategies and product experience on brand evaluations, competitive anticipation in marketing decision-making, and sensitivity to losses and negative changes. Sood's research has been published in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising, and Cognitive Psychology, and he is an ad-hoc reviewer for Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of Consumer Research.

The Globe Award honors a faculty member who demonstrates a command of subject matter and also possesses the creativity, dedication, and enthusiasm essential to meet the unique challenges of an EMBA education. The faculty member is selected by the graduating EMBA class on the basis of his or her enduring educational influence in motivating students to achieve and excel.