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Faculty profile: Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta
Sachin Gupta

"One of the challenges of teaching marketing is that everyone has an opinion on the subject. In statistics, there are right and wrong answers. With marketing, correct answers are harder to define. So we have healthy debates in the classroom," says Sachin Gupta, the Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management and a professor of marketing. Gupta is also our new associate dean for academic affairs.

He is excited by our students' enthusiasm for learning. When he taught only electives, he found the advanced students motivated and eager to work. Last year, teaching core courses, Gupta was delighted to find beginning students even more engaged in the classroom. Overall, our students' excitement and dedication—coupled with a strong marketing curriculum and opportunities to engage in solving real marketing problems—translate to career success for marketers. "Our students, especially those who take the strategic marketing immersion, do extremely well in the job market, even in this economy," he says.

In his new role as associate dean, Gupta views Johnson from a new perspective. Charged with overseeing academic affairs, he considers how best to advance teaching, research, and thought leadership. Now that he's involved with budgeting, he weighs the impact of each financial decision not only on our goals but also on individuals.

"Hiring faculty who will strengthen our reputation as a leading research institution is a big piece of advancing Johnson academically. Five or six new faculty members can have a significant impact," he says. "At the same time, we need to manage processes like tenure and promotion so that we keep our best faculty."

Gupta is grateful for exceptional colleagues as he takes on his new challenges. "My interactions with the rest of the management committee—Randy Allen, Eddie Sartin, Sunny Donenfeld, and Doug Stayman—who advise Joe Thomas are enjoyable and stimulating. They're all doing very different things, and they bring their own perspectives to thinking about Johnson's best interests. Giving back to the school in this way is fulfilling, too. "