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GE and Cornell— An Enduring Partnership
Michael Chen
Michael Chen

GE values its enduring partnership with us—and more broadly Cornell. Nearly 600 Cornellians work at GE and the company recruits on campus for all six of its renowned leadership programs.

Susan Beauregard '79, GE's global human resources operations leader, says the company and the university have a self-reinforcing track record of success. "Historical recruiting yields guide us, and hundreds of Cornell graduates have been very successful at GE. Besides being talented, well prepared, and a great fit with GE culture, Cornellians inside GE form a great support network for each other."

Michael Chen, MBA '85, until recently president and CEO of media communication and entertainment at GE Capital, agrees*. He began coming back to us to recruit shortly after joining the company in 1995, and in 2002 he took the lead in hiring our MBAs for GE's fast-track Experienced Commercial Leadership Program, which he was instrumental in initiating.

"There are many cultural similarities between GE and Johnson," he says. "Both have a hands-on learning environment. Innovation, collaboration, and creativity are part of both cultures. And we share the bigger goal of making an impact on society and creating a better, more productive world."

*Michael Chen recently joined NBC News as president of the strategic initiatives group.