Executive MBA Class of 2011 Honor Roll

Our Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA class of 2011 campaign was led by co-chairs Sharlene Plewman and Jerry Lacson. Between the two schools, they raised $13,490 from 28 percent of the class. We extend our sincere thanks to Plewman and Lacson for their hard work and to all the participants for their financial support.

Jerry Lacson, co-president
Sharlene Plewman, co-president

Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA Class of 2011 Honor Roll

Frank Attaie
Brigitte Aungier
Kim Bertz
Brian Choi
Randy Coles
Vinit Deshpande
Mihir Ejner
Dotun Eliezer
Jenn Falco-Van
Bill Fosnight
Ziad Fraiwat
Aaron Godert
AbdulRazaq Haruna
Jerry Lacson
Michael LaPenna
Alan Leist
Leon Liu
Lark Marie
Nathan Mars
Rachel Mozdy
Nathan Neale
Sharlene Plewman
Simon Qiao
Zaki Rahman
Balu Rajagopal
Karim Rayani
Pablo Sepulveda
Dirk Skogerson
Andre Souroujon
Bichlan Thai
Milan Vyas
Jason Zhang

Our Executive MBA class of 2011, led by Ken Chrisman, raised $18,125 from 61 percent of the class. We are pleased to report that 20 students made recurring credit card gifts that were eligible for matching funds from the Johnson Advisory Council. The advisory council challenged the students to give annual fund gifts of $100 or more and to have these gifts reoccur each year until 2014. The class earned an additional $6,900 for the Johnson Annual Fund from the advisory council match. Chrisman was assisted in his fundraising efforts by Joyce Capuano, a class of 2011 student representative. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the campaign and acknowledge with appreciation the outstanding leaders who led this successful initiative.

Ken Chrisman, class agent
Joyce Capuano, student representative

Executive MBA-Palisades Class of 2011 Honor Roll

Emmanuel Alia
Mary Backstrom
Michael Baldoni
Jitender Bhatia
Christopher Bouck
Robert Brown
Joyce Capuano
Kenneth Choi
Kenneth Chrisman
Jason Clifford
Ivan Colón
Luis Daniel Deicas
Jeffrey D'Onofrio
Ralph Gaiss
Thomas James Gallo
Thomas Gallo
Clay Gillam
Fernando Gonzalez Alcañiz
Sean Grogan
Joseph Guzik
Bruce Kahn
Suneet Kumar
Richard LaBerge
Evan Lorch
Margaret Maule
Richard Mok
Anibal Moreno
Kenneth Napolitano
Craig Neuber
Kikuhiko Okura
Viral Padhiar
Richard Pena
Dana Price
Ramin Rahbari
Lauren Samuel
Antonio Schiano
Jafar Shameem
Madhur Sharma
Joo Hong Shin
Christopher Taukus
Jonathan Van Niewaal
Jeffrey Vernice