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EMBA programs meet rising demand

Both of the Johnson School's Executive MBA programs enjoyed significant growth in their incoming classes in 2006. The Cornell Executive MBA, which primarily meets at the IBM Palisades Executive Conference Center in Palisades, New York, saw enrollment increase 33 percent to 65 students in its class of 2008. Of those, 30 percent are women, up from 13 percent in last year's enrolling class.

"Our weekend schedule in both Executive MBA programs makes them a great fit in general for working managers," said Tom Hambury, director of the Palisades-based program. "I was both surprised and gratified to see the enrollment of women rise so dramatically this year, and I'm extremely pleased with the diversity of our EMBA classes overall."

The Cornell Boardroom Executive MBA, officially renamed the Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA Program, also saw an increase in enrollment, from 61 students in the class of 2007 to 86 in the class of 2008. The program also increased the number of U.S. Boardroom learning sites, adding another New York City site; Ohio sites in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus; and Washington sites in Seattle and Vancouver.