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"Bring Your A Game"

atrium Between classes: Light filters down through the atrium to the classroom floor on a sunny fall day.

That was the theme of the fall 2008 Kickoff, and Dean Joe Thomas summarized what it means in three words: authenticity, initiative, and excellence. "We're asking you to be authentic about your strengths and your passion," he said in his address to students in Sage Hall's Dyson Atrium. "Take the initiative to lead a student club or speak up in class and in meetings, explore Cornell's vast opportunities, actively seek inclusiveness, and perhaps most important, build your network now. Strive for excellence in your coursework and interview preparation; hold yourself and your classmates to a higher standard; have high aspirations and an agenda for change." Acknowledging that we're in a tough job market, he went on to announce the launch of the new Placement Partnership Initiative, a plan involving the school, alumni, and students "to aggressively help our students find the right job opportunities."

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