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Growing the water business

YinnonDolev Yinnon Dolev, MBA '05

Yinnon Dolev, MBA '05, wrote a "Day in the Life" column for's MBA Insider, "Addressing the World's Water Needs: Working in GE's water and wastewater treatment industry puts this Cornell MBA in the center of a global growth industry" (5/15/08). Dolev, strategic marketing manager for GE Water & Process Technologies, describes the water business as "a market where large companies like GE and other conglomerates are taking leading roles, and private investors are moving fast, looking for high returns. Immersing myself in such a global market and being a part of leading technologies like desalination and wastewater recycling is great experience for me." He also notes: "Before attending Cornell, I simply did not know that over 1 billion people globally have no access to clean, safe water, that the market size is estimated at $360 billion to $400 billion, and that clean technology is going to take a prominent role in shaping our lives."

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