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sage hall

The Johnson School marks the 10th anniversaries of Sage Hall, the Parker Center and Cayuga Fund, and the Park Leadership Fellows Program.

all in the family illustration
All in the Family:
Cornerstones of Successful Family-owned Businesses

Alumni involved in multigenerational, family-owned businesses share the secrets of their success.

green beget illustration
Green Begets Green:
Plotting a Clear Course Through the Carbon Age

Recognizing that future success is contingent on increasing their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint, nimble corporations are sailing ahead with strategic plans that tackle climate change.

mark pettie
Profile in Leadership: In Search of the Next Great Idea

Mark Pettie, MBA '81, chairman and CEO of Prestige Brands, draws out and listens to his leadership team in order to pinpoint best problem-solving approaches and future strategies.

barry bloom
Reflecting, Connecting: Alumni Blogspots

Several Johnson School alumni are among the world's nearly 13 million bloggers. Check out these brief descriptions and links to find out what they're writing about.


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Vantage Point
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Startup Snapshots
Coast Coconut Farms and Only Connect Consulting
Alumni Profiles
Larry Ruff, MBA '82: Blue jeans international
Kimberly Marth Bohner, MBA '99: The Business of Beauty
Bob Binder, MBA '90: Elegance on the sea