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Growing green rooftops

sge BoP Protocol co-director Erik Simanis with several members of Solae's business partners in Parvathagiri Village.

The Asian, European, and online editions of the Wall Street Journal featured work by Johnson School PhD candidate Erik Simanis, co-director of the Base of the Pyramid Protocol Project, in a March 5, 2008 article, "In India , How do Rooftop Gardens Grow?" Implementing the Base of the Pyramid protocol, a new corporate innovation process geared to the unique challenges of low-income markets, DuPont/Solae is working with Simanis and residents in Indian communities to codevelop new businesses aimed at improving nutrition in Hyderabad's Rasul Pura slum and in the village of Parvathagiri in Warangal District. In both communities, Solae works closely with more than 20 women as business partners. The three-phase innovation process has led to the formation of a "Solae Culinary Park Network" business in Hyderabad and the "Solae Champions Network" business in Parvathagiri. The businesses combine fresh produce production with home-based meal demonstration and the sale of fresh, prepared foods that incorporate Solae soy protein. To learn more about Base of the Pyramid Protocol research, and projects sponsored and supported by the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, visit

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