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  • Milestones

    by Janice Endresen

    The Johnson School marks the 10th anniversaries of Sage Hall, the Parker Center and Cayuga Fund, and the Park Leadership Fellows Program

    Euphoria filled the air at the Johnson School in 1998 when, after several years of anticipation, faculty, students, and staff moved into Sage Hall. Essentially a new building constructed within the multicolored brick walls of the Victorian Gothic structure, Sage Hall's complete renovation restored its original reputation as a magnificent, elegant building incorporating state-of-the-art technology. In 1875, when it was built as Cornell University's Sage College for Women, such technology meant steam heat, gas lighting, a bath on every floor, a gymnasium, and an infirmary. State-of-the-art technology in the new building included high-bandwidth fiber-optics linking every office, classroom, student laboratory, special research area, library, and classroom seat; classrooms wired for two-way distance learning, with cameras, projects, network feeds, and phone lines; and the Parker Center for Investment Research, with its Robert S. Boas Trading Room equipped with live feeds from the world's principal financial markets and top-notch analytical software.

  • All in the Family: Cornerstones of Successful Family-owned Businesses

    by Linda Myers

    Alumni involved in multigenerational, family-owned businesses share the secrets of their success.

    Lurid newspaper tales about high-profile, large, family-owned businesses crashing and burning give a distorted picture. But so do profiles of Fortune-500 family-owned companies that claim they do better than their publicly held competitors solely because they are privately held.

  • Green Begets Green: Plotting a Clear Course Through the Carbon Age

    By Sharon Tregaskis

    Recognizing that future success is contingent on increasing their energy efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint, nimble corporations are sailing ahead with strategic plans that tackle climate change.

    On Valentine's Day 2008, the United Nations assembled 500 of the nation's top investors and asset managers, a group that collectively manages upwards of $20 trillion, to consider the role of climate change in shaping how they do business. The keynote speaker, Nobel laureate Al Gore, had a message of tough love for Wall Street's heavy-hitters: carbon-intensive assets have a corrosive potential to rival the speculative real-estate ventures that sent the U.S. economy skidding toward recession in late 2007. "If you really take a fine-tooth comb and go through your portfolios," declared the former vice president, "many of you are going to find them chock-full of sub-prime carbon assets."

  • Profile in Leadership: In Search of the Next Great Idea

    By Merrill Douglas

    Mark Pettie, MBA '81, chairman and CEO of Prestige Brands, draws out and listens to his leadership team in order to pinpoint best problem-solving approaches and future strategies.

    One thing Mark Pettie has learned over the years is that when you're seeking inspiration, you have to open your ears.

    "I really do pride myself on being a good listener," says Pettie, chairman and chief executive officer of Prestige Brands. "I'll never have all the right answers. But I do have the ability to synthesize quality input from people and translate that into timely decisions to drive business ahead."

  • Reflecting, Connecting: Alumni Blogspots

    by Janice Endresen

    Several Johnson School alumni are among the world's nearly 13 million bloggers. Check out these brief descriptions and links to find out what they're writing about.

    Bloggers blog for myriad reasons and Johnson School alumni are no exception. Those who wrote in to tell us about their blogs started them to keep faraway friends and family posted about their daily lives, promote their businesses while providing helpful tips to their site's visitors, provide ongoing commentary about the culture of a foreign country that is a temporary home base, and use as a platform for sharing professional interests and industry-related news with other industry professionals.

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