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August 2005

Frederic Hannequart, MBA '86Frederic Hannequart, MBA '86, has been named CFO of Euroclear, the world's largest provider of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services for bond, equity and fund transactions.

Shawn Galey, MBA '85Shawn Galey, MBA '85, has been appointed senior vice president, legal and business affairs, for ESPN Star Sports, a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and News Corporation. ESPN Star Sports' television network consists of thirteen cable and satellite channels that are broadcast across Asia in a variety of languages, with a combined reach of nearly 200 million households. Galey, who was previously with General Electric and CNBC Asia, will continue to be based in Singapore, together with his wife Katherine and their children, Fiona and Liam.

De Verges B. Jones, MBA '74De Verges B. Jones, MBA '74, is senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Muse Communications. Jones began his decades of marketing experience in the 1970s when he joined General Foods Corp. as an assistant product manager. From there, he joined Bristol-Myers Squibb as a product group manager, where he was responsible for brand repositioning efforts and new advertising and product improvements. In the early 1980s, he joined Pepsi-Cola Co.; one of his highest-visibility efforts was the breakthrough Michael Jackson music marketing effort, which brought the company large gains in both market share and brand imagery. From there, he went to UniWorld Group Advertising, where, he led award-winning advertising campaigns; then to Philips Lighting, where he helped launch innovative new lighting products and helped develop a community-based event called City Lights, designed to help inner-city youth stay in school. In the 1990s, he joined Kal Kan Foods, where he drove Pedigree dog food to its highest historical market-share levels and led several new-product launches. From there, he joined EmpowerMedia Marketing as general manager of the western division office; shortly thereafter he joined Internet-based business-to-business community eBility. When eBility, like many dot-com businesses, shut its doors in 2002, Jones established Innovative Marketing Leadership, a management-consulting firm specializing in strategic marketing and planning, global brand development, and enterprise incubation. The following year, he joined Muse Communications as VP and group account director; in 2005, he was promoted to his current position. He is on the board of directors of the Orange County Children's Museum, and is an advisor to Smart Entertainment, Health Source Team, Unismart Capital, Video Health Communication, Women of Wellth, Alive Fit Well, Ascension Financial, Babylon Interactive, Birthwatch, US Business Partners, Total Synch, Seltzer Group, Toyopia, New England Consulting Group, Muse Cordero Chen Partners, University of California at Irvine and Marketec. He has also been a guest speaker at Pepperdine University, Morehouse College, Oakwood College, and the Johnson School.