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December 2005

Adil Ahmad, MBA '83Adil Ahmad, MBA '83, has been appointed general manager alliances in the ANZ Group, where he will be responsible for generating value out of the recent strategic equity investment ANZ has made in Vietnam's leading local private bank, Sacombank. As general manager alliances, Ahmad will be based in the Sacombank Head Office in HCMC with a small team of ANZ executives, augmented as required by ANZ personnel on short term assignments from ANZ in Australia and elsewhere. He will also be on the Sacombank Board of Directors. Ahmad's initial duties will be to assist Sacombank in areas such as retail branch development, consumer finance, governance and risk management. Prior to this position, Ahmad served as general manager of ANZ Vietnam. Over the last few years ANZ Vietnam has been repeatedly recognized within and outside Vietnam as the leading foreign bank and the most innovative retail bank in Vietnam.

Akber Zaidi, MBA '91Akber Zaidi, MBA '91, has been appointed as chief investment officer of Pi Capital, a Beverly Hills- based investment firm. As Pi Capital's CIO, Zaidi is responsible for the overall direction, administration and promotion of the firm's investment practices to ensure accomplishment of portfolio growth goals within the established policy. Zaidi will direct, manage, and administer the Investment Department and devise and approve operational strategies intended to move the firm and its clients toward their investment objectives and goals. Zaidi has had an expansive career in the asset management industry as a portfolio manager and financial advisor. Prior to joining Pi Capital, Zaidi served as advisor and portfolio manager to high-net-worth clients of Citigroup Smith Barney's Private Client Services division. He previously served as Director of Investments for SASCO, where he was responsible for managing assets of its shareholders, as well as for those of the Hartwell Foundation and SASCO Foundation. Earlier in his career, Zaidi held the position of lead portfolio manager for Investment Advisers. He also has worked as a portfolio manager and commodity trading adviser for a hedge fund and a managed futures firm.

John Hillen, EMBA '04John Hillen, EMBA '04, , was recently appointed Assistant Secretary of State, Political-Military Affairs, by the Bush Administration. Confirmed by the Senate in September, Hillen will manage the international coalitions in Iraq and Afghanistan and recruit nations to take part in military and political operations in the region, among other duties.

As a former military officer, Hillen is a firm believer in duty, honor and serving one's country. Now at his disposal is a $5 billion security assistance budget to provide aid to other countries for security training, joint operations and exercises, and equipment purchases. Although he reports to one of the five undersecretaries working directly for Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, he will brief Rice and travel with her on occasion. Hillen brings stellar qualifications to the appointment. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service during Operation Desert Storm, has written extensively as a public policy scholar in political-military affairs, and has extensive management experience.